National Public Safety Drone Donation Program

National Public Safety Drone Donation Program

Airborne Works is proud to announce a special support initiative for 2019 to help public safety agencies. From their press release: “This program is for any public safety groups in need of UAV assets and or seeking to acquire UAV/thermal aerial systems or ground based Lidar solutions for accident and crime scene reconstruction or any type of training.

We value the support you provide for the communities you serve, that is one of the reasons why we founded the “National Public Safety Drone Donation Program”

By offering best pricing to all funded public safety organizations across the country looking to purchase hardware or training in 2019, we in turn contribute 5% of all net sales to NPS-DDP so as to continue to support departments in need across the country that may not have the funding.

Please know if you purchase hardware from others moving forward, you will not only have paid more then you should have, you would have also missed the opportunity to help the brotherhood and other departments across the country.”

Updated: April 11, 2019 — 1:48 pm

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