Drone Dunks an Oreo

Drone Dunks an Oreo

We are not sure why this needed so many cups of milk.  Let’s make this a real challenge and set up five cups of milk, one for each drone. Then see how many oreo cookies make it into the cups.

Reportedly some oreos were dunked from as high as the Statue of Liberty, a whopping 305 feet.  OK, we agree, you do need a large target for a dunk from that high.

But dunking cookies in milk isn’t the only thing Oreo is using drones for. They’ll also randomly select winners from the #OreoDunkSweepstakes, which will grant five people a VIP trip to a Celebrity Dunking Event in N.Y.C. or Los Angeles, plus $2,000 in cash.
Enter for your chance to win now through April 30.

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