Navy Drones Supply MREs and Ammo

Navy Drones Supply MREs and Ammo

While we aren’t downplaying the importance of drones delivering your pizza in record time, the Navy has found a critical role for “fast food” UAVs: bringing MREs and ammunition to its forces.

Last month at Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona, the Navy held a Tactical Resupply Unmanned Aircraft System (TRUAS) competition for drones could autonomously deliver at least 60 pounds of cargo over a 6-mile distance.

SURVICE Engineering took home the $100,000 first place prize; Chartis Federal took second place and $75,000; and Autonodyne was awarded third and $50,000. AirBuoyant, Bell Textron, and Pacific Aerospace Consulting also participated.

What’s next? The Navy will come up with requirements for prototypes and the Marine Corps may test drones by 2021.

Updated: February 25, 2020 — 4:57 pm
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