Bluelight Technologies has released a new 3-axis gyro compatible with both aircraft and multi-copters. Their new system comes complete with all equipment to add a full stabilization system to your model. With a full instruction manual, USB adapter allowing PC setup, receiver to unit cables, and a CD disk, this setup and installation only takes about 20-30 minutes.

This unit will allow stability of pitch, roll,iphone 5s refurbished and yaw (elevator, aileron, and rudder). The ICE-MAN can be turned on and off by the pilot with the flip of a switch when not needed. Features like 2-position gain settings, head locking, spin recovery, and cross-wind takeoff assistance are just a few of many items you can program into this compact, easy-to-install system.

The ICE-MAN will support up to six servos and will work with all radio brands. In fact, a simple 4-channel radio can provide the basic commands to the receiver and the ICE-MAN can be user programmed to give the modeler features of flight typically only seen with higher-end computer radios.

The ICE-MAN can be updated online from the Bluelight Technologies website ( when new software is available. I found the flight performance out of the box after a simple setup to give great control, without the overpowering gyro feel, with minor adjustments. Takeoffs are now rudder input free and will travel straight down the runway. In flight, the gyro should really give the pilot a feel for the model they can enjoy.

So, if you have a model that you have shelved because it is a bit twitchy or unstable, take a look at the new ICE-MAN Gyro BL-3GRC. If you are looking for a nice premium stabilization system that won’t break the bank, this unit is certainly a great value priced at $69.95 —Aaron Strietzel

Updated: September 15, 2016 — 3:13 pm

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  1. Just come and see the testimonials we’re getting… Example:

    * Wattflyer forum: “I have an Ice Man gyro and frankly, its the gold standard of the gyro world.”

    * “I could not believe how well my plane flew in 20mph winds. I got my first flights in on it today. Just ordered my second one. Actually I hate to say how great it is because I am sure they will raise the price.”

    * RCGroups forum: “.. I tested already four different types of gyros, always using the same model plane ((Sebart Angel 50) . From my point of you , you have programmed a real good mathematical algorithm, which works smoothly,but with a high stability.(Good optimized PD controller).”

    Amazing stability for windy day flying or nice video shots from above!

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