Hydrogen-Powered Drone Makes 43-Mile Medical Delivery

Hydrogen-Powered Drone Makes 43-Mile Medical Delivery

A collaboration between drone consulting group Guinn Partners, Skyfire Consulting, the US Department of Health and Doosan Mobility Innovation proved that a DS-30 aircraft with a temperature-controlled payload system was a feasible option for long-range drone delivery.

A release from Guinn Partners reads, in part, “Members of our team at Guinn Partners worked with Doosan Mobility Innovations, in collaboration with Skyfire Consulting, and the US Department of Health, to execute a 43 mile open ocean medical drone delivery between St. Croix and St. Thomas. The flight took an hour and forty three minutes on Doosan’s hydrogen-fuel cell powered DS-30 aircraft (which still had nearly 30 minutes of hydrogen left in the tank upon landing). The drone carried simulation vials as a surrogate for diagnostic samples or vaccines in a temperature controlled payload system.”

Updated: December 11, 2019 — 3:40 pm
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