DRS-M600 Parachute Safety Solution

DRS-M600 Parachute Safety Solution

Drone Rescue Systems GmbH’s new DRS-M600 Parachute Safety system was developed for use with DJI M600 and DJI M600pro drones, and because it meets all federal standards the Federal Aviation Administration can issue permits for drones equipped with the DRS-M600 system so they can be use over crowds.

Drone Rescue’s DRS-M600 autonomous parachute safety solution is lightweight weighing only 15 ounces and it works without pyrotechnics. The system’s compliance with FAA’s standards also allows it to be used during beyond visual line of sight flights. Tested in collaboration with Northeast UAS Airspace Integration Research, the parachute safety system has been fully certified to transport and delivery food to approximately 1500 households in North Carolina.

Drone Rescue Systems GmbH is the first European company and the third company worldwide to meet these standards and has been approved for use with UAVs weighing up to 34.17 pounds. dronerescue.com

Updated: August 21, 2019 — 7:14 pm
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