Congress gives FAA more time

Congress gives FAA more time

It looks like integration of UAS aircraft into US airspace will not be happening next year.  Congress has given the FAA more time to integrate UAS into the National Airspace System.  What  is interesting about this is that the Pirker case is sighted as one of the reasons:

Page 17:

Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).
-The FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 directed the FAA to integrate UAS into the National Airspace System by 2015. However, it is uncertain when the FAA can integrate UAS into the Nation’s airspace and what will be required to achieve the goal. The lack of an overall framework for the new systems may be inhibiting progress on UAS integration. The Committee is concerned that the FAA may not be well positioned to manage effectively the introduction of UAS in the United States, particularly in light of a recent ruling by a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) administrative judge regarding the use of a small UAS for commercial purposes. Given these challenges, the Committee has provided an additional $3,000,000 in the Aviation Safety Activity to expedite the integration of UAS into commercial airspace.

For those of you who like to read the whole report, here it is all 106 pages:

How will this affect people who have been waiting for this ruling, no one is sure, we will just have to wait and see.

For now beer delivered by drones will just have to wait.


Updated: May 22, 2014 — 4:36 pm

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