What is the best flight mode for drone racing? (Quick Tip)

What is the best flight mode for drone racing? (Quick Tip)

Even basic drones will have several flight modes to choose from. Manufacturers might call them by different names, but their functions are pretty much the same. There isn’t a perfect all-around flight mode, so the one that you choose depends on what you plan to do. For beginners, Stability mode is the way to go. The gyro will do its best to maintain a steady attitude and altitude (if equipped with a barometric sensor). At the other extreme, Manual or Acro mode is the least intrusive. This is best left to more advanced pilots because you need to be on the sticks at all times, but it will give you the most flowing feel when flying. Some models have attitude modes that will let you program tilt limits, allowing you to have some freedom of movement without letting things get too out of hand. Most experienced drone racers fly in Manual mode so that they can have complete control. This allows the quad to maintain the attitude it is placed in, so when it’s tilted forward at a 45-degree angle for maximum speed, it will stay at that angle and speed.
John Reid
Senior Editor, RotorDrone

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